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Computer Circuit Board
  • What services does your company offer?
    We offer ADAS calibration, Airbag repair, Remote auto diagnostics and programming, computer repair and programming, Electrical repair, Pre and post scan, Pigtail connector repair.
  • How fast can you get in our shop to do the job?
    One of our technicians will be in the shop same day.
  • Does your company offer calibration and programming for all makes and models?
    Yes! We have all OEM software for all makes and models of vehicles.
  • How fast can we get an invoice?
    We send an invoice after every job is done and we provide a report link so you can access all your store invoices and vehicle reports at any time.
  • What warranty is provided for your company's services?
    We offer a limited warranty for every job. If a vehicle encounters any issues, we dispatch a technician to fix any problems related to our services performed.
  • How hard is it to use Quantum remote diagnostic device?
    We provide a Quantum remote diagnostic to any collision center that needs help with fast and reliable diagnostics (pre- or post-scan). All you need to do is to connect the device to the vehicle in close proximity to your shop's WiFi spot and turn the ignition on. Then, fill out our Quick Assist form on your cellphone or computer. After just 10 minutes, your diagnostic is ready and the report is sent to your email. We have a support chat in case you have any questions related to the report.
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